Making a payment
with BitCoin

Order process (Read Me)

Step 1 - First send the payment to the address provided.
Step 2 - Once payment has been sent, please enter your name, email and payment details in the boxes below.

Once payment is confirmed you will receive an email containing a download code and url link.

Please note: Due to the nature of Bitcoin, payment make take several minutes to several hours to confirm. As soon as we receive notification then an email with download details will be sent.

Date (d/m/y) Product Price
4/09/2018 The city theme £7.00
Explanation: You will pay the equivalent of £ worth in bitcoin.


Step 1 -

Make your payment

Amount due based on current BTC Rate

Live Bitcoin rate (above) is updated via Bitfinex


Send payment of EUR 0.1 to this address

or in Bitcoin 0,000016


Once payment is made, proceed to step 2 below!

Step 2 -

Now add your email and reference

Providing payment means you have read and accept the licence agreement

If you experience any problems with your downloads, please Contact Code Cobber where your issue will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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